Mirai Bot Features Music

Mirai's music system gives you the ability to stream music to your voice channel however you want. We have tons of commands, multiple permission systems, lots of small quality-of-life features, and more! Check out what we have to offer below or by looking at our commands page.

Creating a Music Player

To get started, use the mm.join command. You can either pass a voice channel name or use the channel you're already in. Mirai will then join that channel and set up a new player. Additionally, you can mention a text channel at the end of the command and the player will be bound to that channel. That means the player will have a place to post notifications and now playing messages. It will also restrict commands to that channel.

Player Restoration

If you player crashes or we have to restart Mirai, your player and queue will remain in our database. That means when Mirai starts or when you create a player it will check for an existing one and restore it, keeping your whole queue and configuration.

Queueing Tracks

To manage your queue, use the mm.queue command. Whether you pass a direct link, YouTube or SoundCloud playlist, or stream, Mirai will handle it. You can check your queue with mm.queue list, and clear it with mm.queue clear.

Volume Control

If you have Mirai Bot Pro you can control your player's volume. Simple pass a volume from 0 to 80 to the mm.volume command.

Pausing and Skipping

Need to pause for something? Simple use the mm.pause command and then run mm.resume when you're done! You can also skip bad music with mm.skip

Permission Systems

A few permission systems are offered for the music system. At this point we have two modes implemented: Chaos Mode and Role-only Mode. Chaos Mode is the default mode, and allows anyone to use commands. For more restriction, use Role-only Mode to restrict most commands to a role.

More Coming Soon!

Mirai's music system is still in development, so expect even more features in the future!