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Mirai for osu!

Get information from a user's osu! profile, such as their statistics, top plays, and most recent plays. You can also use lemmmy's signature generator right in discord.

Mirai for Anime

Mirai includes many useful anime commands. You can get details on anime, manga, novels, and characters. You can also have Mirai notify you when a new episode airs, as well as check when the next episode is.

Mirai for Moderation

Mirai includes an advanced prune command, allowing you to prune messages by length, user, invites, content, and more.

You can also give ban and kick reasons, since audit log isn't out yet. Softban allows you to kick users and also delete their messages.

Mirai for Music

Mirai can stream the radio to your voice channel. In the future, music streaming may be expanded.

Mirai for Utilites

Mirai includes tons of utility commands. Get info on a server, channel, or user. Check the weather. Make a vote, strawpoll, or lottery. Roll a die or generate a random number. Mirai will let you do all that and more.

Mirai for Reminders

Mirai can be used to set reminders so you don't forget about whatever it was you wanted to do. Seriously, what was it? I forgot.

Mirai for Streamers

Mirai can post notifications in chat when a stream goes live.

Interact with your users by hosting a giveaway or running a poll.

Mirai for Tracking

Mirai can post when certain events, such as username changes and unbans, happen in your server.